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Subscribing to parts of our DLA

Posted by direwolff on June 28, 2007

With this post I’m going to come across like more of a shill for Marc Canter, than the other kiss-ass posts (here and here) that you’ve seen from me, but it’s because I keep track of things people say and when they come true, long after many have forgotten, I remind every one that this had been predicted so as to keep it all in perspective and pay better attention to these prognosticators. Of course, I also like to call out those who’ve predicted stuff that never happened…but I tend to do that more in private or behind their backs ;) Under full disclosure, I’m also an advisor to Marc’s Broadband Mechanics.

While at Tribe in late 2004, Marc was explaining the importance of Digital Lifestyle Aggregators (DLA), and in doing so he pointed out that eventually people would have several components on their page and others would subscribe to those components they were interested in. Note, at this time RSS feeds were gaining major momentum, but Marc was going further. We discussed components like perhaps a list of recipes that one might maintain and others might want to subscribe to, or perhaps my photo album or song titles so that any time I post something new my friends could keep up with this through their subscriptions.

I believe Multiply was the first social networking community site that enabled this sort of capability, but it’s not clear that they have yet entered the mainstream consciousness though I’ve always found their offering to be pretty cool. However, in reading a recent blog post from Marc, it appears that on the heels of Facebook opening up its APIs and its recent News Feed capability, one of the start/home page providers, Pageflakes, has announced that they are getting into social networking. In effect, given that they already enable people to share or subscribe to widgets on other users’ pages, this will now take them to the next level of being a full on DLA that enables people to subscribe to others’ parts. Very interesting indeed.

Given that I’m a fan of Pageflakes, it will be interesting to see how users take to this and what innovations will be derived from this model.

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  1. […] Pierre Wolff reminds me that I’ve been thinking about subscribing to people – for years. I tried oget Mark Pincus of robe to add thsi feature back in 2004. Paul Martinoa nd I fought for it – but “oh well”. Pierre was there at Tribe and he knows how hard we fought. […]

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