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Indoor Skydiving…Cool!

Posted by direwolff on June 30, 2007

I was just over on Tribe, perusing some of the tribes I belong to and seeing if I was missing out on any worthwhile discussions when in the kitesurfing tribe I found the following post:

Hello I’m new to the tribe and very new to owning my own business. Prior Biz Dev Mgr at HP in Silicon Valley now gone
wind tunnel owner…
It’s a totally cool, safe and INCREDIBLE business to experience human flight WITHOUT the danger of skydiving! Check us out at: We fly everyone 3yrs to 93yrs!

Here’s the question…how do I promote it in the internet space? MySpace? Google Ad’s, Yahoo postings? Mass emails?

I am working on a limited budget (like everyone I know…) planning printed ads, news events for the launch, VIP tours, etc but am really not sure about what the “best practices” are for internet publicity?

Any ideas?

Thank you, Kent Sessions

Well, it looks like they’re opening one of these facilities in the East Bay (it’s somewhere between 92 (San Mateo Bridge) and 84 (Dumbarton Bridge)). It didn’t take long to read through the site and figure out that my adrenalin junkie body would regale in the opportunity to fly around a chamber and enjoy that free-fall feeling. It also didn’t take long for me to pony up for two pre-opening bonus priced introductory flight sessions for me and Lil’ Pinot. They’re supposed to be opening some time this summer and now I can’t wait. You know what they say, “there’s one born every minute”…an adrenalin junkie that is ;). I’ll definitely report back and hopefully post the video from the DVD they make of us (comes with the introductory flight session) so every one can live vicariously through our experience.

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