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PodTech:LunchMeet: Tracking Memes with Tailrank

Posted by direwolff on July 10, 2007

[podtech content=]

Just found this interview with Kevin Burton and Jonathan Moore off of Kevin’s blog and thought I’d repost it here as it provides a great description of how Spinn3r came to be, and how Tailrank works. As some of you may know, I’ve been a very big fan of Kevin’s and what he’s been up to here and have also lent a hand where possible to get some deals nailed down for him. He and Jonathan are doing a great job scaling the platform and providing real value that will become more and more apparent as they approach the 10M blog URL index they’re shooting for.


One Response to “PodTech:LunchMeet: Tracking Memes with Tailrank”

  1. burtonator said

    Thanks Pierre. I think it went really well. We’re making good progress on the scaling part! :)


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