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Kitesurfing with 50 other Bay Area kiters…crazy!

Posted by direwolff on September 16, 2007


Had a great time today down at Waddell Creek this afternoon.  There were over 50 other kiters out there and at times it was definitely nuts.  Frequently the trouble comes when you have both kiters with surfboards lining up the sets and those with twin tips making sharp stops and turns, not necessarily in synch with the sets.  But putting aside the occasional frustration this combination brings, it was a stellar day.  Got to see the infamous “Malibu” from  the kitesurfing video, “Testimony III: Taking Davenport“, doing double back rolls off the tops of waves as well as double kite loops with the back roll right in the middle of a set.  It was much more impressive to see it in person than on the video, which I had the opportunity to share with him directly as well.


Lots of good friends were out there whooping and hollering it up.   At the down wind part of the beach we were getting sets that were easily overhead which made for great rides.  Moderate sizing by Waddell standards, but all the rage for me.  Since having started to focus on my wave riding, and only riding the surfboard, today was easily a top 3 best day I’ve had, probably taking the #2 slot.  The water was smooth outside of the breaks and shape of swell made for really fun ramps both in coming down them or shooting off the tops of them for some big air.  Definitely worth the hour and a half drive, especially with the added tension that the wind didn’t look like it was going to come up the whole drive down.  Just as I arrived, the first kite launched and within another 10 minutes the winds came up to perfection.  What more could I ask for? :)


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