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Cool video of Malibu & Zeev tearing it up at Waddell Creek

Posted by direwolff on October 31, 2007

My good buddy Gabe Brown (aka. Gary Bronson) recently put up a cool video he made featuring Zeev Gur and Malibu down at Waddell Creek near Santa Cruz. He caught them on a pretty nice day tearing up the waves. Matched with the cool Jimi Hendrix tune, I totally dig this video…


4 Responses to “Cool video of Malibu & Zeev tearing it up at Waddell Creek”

  1. Zeev said

    Yo brother,

    Thanks for posting the video. It was a fun day, and Gabe’s ability to capture and document the awesome fun is second to none. See you on the water, Z.

  2. Alberto said

    man that looks fun. I should definately take the drive down there. big commit on time but I am sure on the right day well worth it.


  3. dabera said

    This one is good’s in Hawaii

  4. p-air said

    @Dabera’s link in the comment above is kick ass. Right up there w/Kafka’s Mavericks rides.

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