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Kitesurfing Mavericks!!!

Posted by direwolff on October 31, 2007

Two Saturdays ago, my buddy Charlie & I started driving south along the coast from San Francisco to decide where we would kitesurf. We past by Ocean Beach, but the big swell was making a washing machine effect out of the inside and wasn’t going to be very manageable to get to the outside. We continued to head south deciding that we would either hit Half Moon Bay or keeping going south to Scotts Creek down by Santa Cruz. The winds and swell was definitely up and as we approached Roosevelt Beach in Half Moon Bay, and as we looked up wind we could see four kites up by Mavericks. We stopped and got the binoculars out, and sure enough it turned out to be Jeff Kafka, Chip Wasson, Steve Gibson and Sean Richman.

It was a pretty crazy day to be out there, but here are some pics of Jeff Kafka hitting the Mavericks break…

(Note: if the pics are not displaying, click on the broken image as I’ve linked them to the originals)


Charlie and I decided to stick it out at Half Moon Bay which had the biggest swell I’ve ever ridden there. Probably somewhere close to double-overhead. Looking at these pics, I sure wish we had gotten motivated to experiment with this giant :)


One Response to “Kitesurfing Mavericks!!!”

  1. 0biwan said

    Hey great waves men!in portugal I don’t have that!
    by the way, where did you bought your stuff? i bought mine at ! amasing prices! regards

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