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For all those who believe the TSA is a good thing…

Posted by direwolff on January 12, 2008

A special treat from the Washington Post:

Report: TSA Site Exposed Travelers To ID Theft

A House of Representatives panel yesterday released a damning report about a Transportation Security Administration Web site built to address grievances from travelers errantly flagged by the government’s no-fly list. It conlucded that cronyism and a lack of oversight exposed thousands of site visitors to identity theft.

I’m getting tired of seeing security theatre lulling the public into a false sense of security only to open up greater dangers that were preventable had the knee-jerk reaction that brought the TSA into being not been acted upon. Oh well.

Here are a couple of good books for those who want to better understand the challenges of dealing with the unpredictable and the fact that these events don’t actually happen as much as the media would have you believe, nor are they predictable or preventable:

Both of these books provide a sobering view of spectacular (and some not so spectacular) events in addition to some worthwhile insights to keep in mind.


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