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Cool Aussies and a discussion about Plaxo

Posted by direwolff on April 22, 2008

While at the SocialMedia Happy Hour this afternoon met some cool Aussies, one of which I knew while the other two became new acquaintances. One of them is involved in some of the social media standards work going on behind the scenes, but for the purposes of this post, it’s not necessary to mention who they were.

As we discussed the various social media services we somehow got to Plaxo with me stating that since the beginning of Plaxo’s release, I was always impressed with the service. But while I found it theoretically elegant and worthwhile, I was never able to get past the point of distant admiration to the point of becoming a registered user. For the life of the service and the changes and evolution that they have undergone, it’s teams have always been bright, but some how that just wasn’t enough to get me over the hump of adoption. Even where I’ve been an early user of just about every social network that came out during the initial years, services like Ryze, Friendster, LinkedIn, Tribe, MySpace, Vox and Facebook once it opened up, Plaxo was just never an option.

In discussing this with my acquaintances, I was surprised by the fact that both of them echoed the exact same sentiments. Both praised the service yet neither one of them was a member. Now with Comcast having acquired them, or so the very persistent rumors go, it’s not likely to be a choice for any of us at all, but what was it that kept us away, I wonder. It’s very perplexing to me how many folks I’ve talked to who understand the service (pre-Pulse), who thought it was a useful service, who thought highly of folks like Joe Smarr, but who never joined or leveraged this power to maintain their address book in this distributed service. It’s something I’m going to ponder further, as it’s requiring me to be very introspective about what seems like it should have been a natural choice application for me.


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