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Great coverage of the Cabrinha Race Series 2008, first event

Posted by direwolff on April 26, 2008

Steve Gunn from Cabrinha Kites wrote up a great recap and shared some cool pics of the first Cabrinha Race Series 2008 event from Thursday April 17th here.  While it’s a beautiful site to see all of these colored kites nicely ordered making their way to the start, being in the pack of racers is pretty crazy and feels a lot less organized ;)  A blast was had by all though, and I highly recommend this event.

Here’s the newly designed perpetual trophy for the event…

Very cool to have Cabrinha involved in this event and even nicer to see two good friends in Anthony Chavez (as 2006 champion) and Jeff Kafka (as 2007 champion), have their names mounted first.  2008 should bring some great fun and competition to this event, if this first race is any sign of what’s to come.


2 Responses to “Great coverage of the Cabrinha Race Series 2008, first event”

  1. Nellie said

    What a beautiful picture of the kite surfers.
    Kinda breath taking. The trophy however doesn’t manage to capture the visual lightness kite surfing creates.
    (glass would probably work for that)

  2. Cabrinha Kite-Surfing stuff an Bord…

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