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Posted by direwolff on May 2, 2008

A few days ago, after reading an article about a guy named Frank Eliason at Comcast keeping up with Twitter and RSS feeds on any mention of Comcast, I decided to try to get his attention on a problem that had stumped their tech support and made life difficult for me and Lil’ Pinot. I wrote the following blog post, “Frank Eliason from Comcast, can you hear me”.

Well wouldn’t you know it, Frank responded the very next day. I hadn’t checked my e-mail so I only got it tonight and responded to him. Also updated my post to note that he had gotten back to me. It gets even better, after my note back to him elaborating on the issue his next response was the perfect answer and solved our problems!!! Two e-mails and the guy nailed it, all from me posting it on my blog. While there’s plenty of bad things we can say about Comcast, it’s clear that we need to differentiate between the institutional issues and the people, because when it comes to the people it’s clear that some care a lot about the customer. Note, Frank’s interactions with me occurred from 10:30pm to 11:00pm on a Friday night. That blew my mind and really forces me to rethink how I consider this company. It’s clear that some people there totally *GET IT*.


2 Responses to “COMCAST "FUCKEN" ROCKS!!!”

  1. Wow, he’s going to have one massive ego trip if we keep lauding him like this!

  2. […] way to get the technicians to his apartment that night.  (Comcast representatives are apparently very prevalent on Twitter, scanning the messages for negative publicity.)  With his quick handling of […]

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