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The Marin Independent Journal covers our kiteboarding passion

Posted by direwolff on June 11, 2008

Several of us Marin riders were recently interviewed by Andrew Pentis of the Marin Independent Journal ( His feature just came out today, and portrays the sickness that we’re all bound by. The article is titled, “CEOs loosen ties, surf their kites at national championship on the bay”, where he humorously states:

If horse racing is the sport of kings, kiteboarding is becoming that of corporate executives – at least in the Bay Area. But Marin residents taking part in the birth of a water sport don’t sit in the stands. When it’s time to shed the suit and tie, they fly a kite on the San Francisco Bay – with an attached surfboard under their feet, powered by the offshore winds. That provides the thrill.”

It’s very cool to have the opportunity to help spread the addiction around the Bay Area :)


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