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It’s All Smiles at the 2008 Kiteboarding Nationals – San Francisco Bay

Posted by direwolff on June 14, 2008

As most seasoned kiters know, keeping a serious face during anything to do with kitesurfing is down right near impossible to do. Even on game day, when the racing stakes are up, every kiters you talk to can’t help but beam a smile. Spent Saturday walking around talking to racers after their finish and with few exceptions, it was happy all around regardless of where they placed. Couldn’t resist sharing these shots here…

(Row 1: Steve Gibson, John Gomes (race organizer), Sandy Parker (Kitopia); Row 2: John Van Malsen, Clarissa Hempel, Eric Due; Row 3: Anthony Chavez (2007 Nationals Champion), Donny Parker (Kitopia), Jeff Kafka (WindOverWater); Row 4: Chip Wasson (Ultra Nectar), Shawn Richman/John Modica/Sky Solbach/Damien LeRoy/Kent Marinkovic, Shawn Richman)

Even the spectators couldn’t help but get into the smiling trend…

(Spectator Row: Bill Tai (KiteVC), Kathy Smith/Chad Nicols, Pete Cabrinha (Cabrinha Kites)/Austin

It was great to see all of this happiness bundle up in one place :)


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